Renewable Domestic Power: Some Thoughts

These are my thoughts on how I would run my home if I were to try and live offline. These are not completely daft thoughts, but not likely to get instant results either: currently we live in a mid-terraced council house with East/West facing roof - not much good for windmills or solar panels.

Like most middle-class Brits, we dream of escaping to the country, though. My work on an electric car design have led me to various ideas for power, and some of these apply to domestic as well as automotive applications. For example, the Batteries Page is probably relevent, although the objection to flooded batteries disappears, since a battery house is unlikely to be involved in a road accident.

My House Consumption

Examining our previous electricity bills showed that we used about 22kWh of electricity per day. Most offline people consider that consumption to be outrageous. With this in mind, we have undergone a programme of energy conservation, and so far have reduced this consumption to around 9kWh per day, and we're still working on it.

If I ever get my electric car project going (which will only happen if we can get better batteries, given we're moving out to the country) that figure will have another 10-50kWh per working day added to it.

If you add to these to our domestic gas bill, you have a pretty good handle on our total energy bill for the year. I think the gas bill can be considerably lowered with good design - in particular, with south-facing windows, a part-buried design, and a b100dy great heat store. The way I see it, a properly designed and constructed house should not need heating or cooling at this lattitude.

There are two sections: one dealing with electricity generation and the other dealing with heating.

This page is some notes on Domestic Power from Renewable Sources, and is written and maintained by Simon. At this stage these pages are constantly under revision. Thoughts and comments are welcome.