Simon's Latest News

At the end of June 2006, I quit my job, sold my house and moved to County Galway, along with my wife and son. We are now renting a five-bedroom lakeside home on nearly an acre for less than the interest we used to pay on the mortgage on our mid-terrace ex-local-authority home in one of Surrey's finest sink estates.

Almost everything I wanted to do then has changed. The car I wanted to make electric is now fitted with a biodiesel-friendly Ford/Bosch 1.8 diesel engine, which gives less-than-exciting performance but 60mpg on Tesco Blue-Stripe cooking oil at €0.65 per litre.

My priorities now are to find somewhere to buy (although with the price of houses gently crumbling, and the equity earning money, we are in no hurry); to figure out how to get our new home to run energy independent; to get my business going; and to re-evaluate our lifestyles and priorities in keeping with our new situation.

This website has moved, for various reasons (the old website relied on having a broadband connection, which is not possible out here) and I've re-evaluated it and updated a few things.

Much of it is work-in-progress, or work-maybe-in-progress, or just wishware. That is in keeping with my new, more relaxed approach to life, and I am OK with that.